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Image color

Image color



I am facing a problem with product image color after uploading them in Magento.


After resizing and convert it into jpeg for web the image in saved. When we upload that image from the backend the color of the image is slightly changed and showing the different user view on front end.


I tried making the compression reduced by 100%, the effect is it only makes it bigger in size but the color change is still there.


All the help is appreciated




Re: Image color



Could you provide screenshots? Are you using 2 different monitors? What are some other factors?

Re: Image color

We are not using two different monitors, one image is before upload and other one is viewed in the browser on the website.
After uploading it on the website.

Re: Image color

Do you have an example of the differences?
Could the possible 'problem' be that the source image is sRGB? And the GD2 php library doesn't work as you want?

You could try to use another drop-in for this? For example ImageMagick.. They support sRGB profiles. And if you don't want to do that open your photo in photoshop and save it again (for web).