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Implementing Track Order in Magento 2 ?

Implementing Track Order in Magento 2 ?

Hi All,


We are trying to implement simple track order functionality which just displays the status of order to the customer. 


We want to show "Track Order" kind of buttons like view/reorder in available list of orders page.


Could anyone suggest a way of implementing this feature pls ?


Pls note not very comfortable with magento framework.. just getting started and hoping to learn in the process of developing simple features like above.


Many Thanks in advance.





Re: Implementing Track Order in Magento 2 ?

Hi @livastar_user,

If you are looking for a simple extension that helps show customers' order status, I think for beginners, Magento 2 Order Tracking Pro developed by Land of Coder is a great choice. It's fast and user-friendly. Plus, the developer support is truly wonderful so if you need more help installing the extension, please don't hesitate to contact. You can check out more details here:

Some of the best features are:

  1. Directly Track order information Without Login
  2. Easily track order summary in the front end
  3. Flexible position with widget support
  4. Mobile Friendly & Tablet Optimized
  5. Tracking available order link in main-menu/top link
  6. All the Magento Product Types Supported
  7. Display custom messages if order is not found
  8. Track Magento 2 order status in the blink of an eye
  9. Reorder without login
  10. Multi-Language and RTL Support
  11. [New] Easily track: order info, invoice info, shipment info
  12. [New] Track order status, print order directly.
  13. [New] Export order to PDF
  14. [New] Generate order QR codes to check order status
  15. [New] Send order information to email
  16. [New] Show shipment tracking link and tracking code

I hope it could help you out! Thank you so much for reading Smiley Happy