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Import/Export Products Issue & Errors

Import/Export Products Issue & Errors

Due to several errors we decided to do a clean install on a different location. Now we want to export / import the products to the new installation.

When we try to export products. (simple / configurable) including attributes to a new installation it constantly fails.


Data validation is failed. Please fix errors and re-upload the file..

1. Please make sure attribute "name" is not empty. in rows:


Adding a name will not help. It will get stuck on price, attribute set and so on.

Is it required to manually create all attributes and sets on the new system before importing the products? If so is there a possibility to export all the product attributes?

Thanks in advanced



Re: Import/Export Products Issue & Errors



That's the data validation error of empty; comes when don't find values for respected required attributes values.

So when not get values of required attributes it gives similar errors. (On thing you can do is either set required as "NO" or fill their values). do make all required attributes have values.


Yes you need to create custom attributes which you have created on old setup. (price, stock its exiting attributes so it should be there in new setup). To export import products attributes many extensions available. (


Try your luck again, hope it helps Smiley Happy



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