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Import product images with Magmi


Import product images with Magmi

I need help with this problem:

I upload the articles on magento through Magmi v0.7.22 and associate the images to the product through the plugin "Value replacer", because sku and images have the same name: {item.sku}.jpg.

Until here everything is fine.

It happens that I have some sku with the character / (slash), for example: 23df.124/rpo and obviously I can not give the same name to the image and I can not rename the sku.

Now I need, from those who know better than me Magmi, to be helped to find a regular expression to insert in the syntax to associate the image with the "-" to the product where in the sku there is "/".

Thank you and apologise for my poor English.


Re: Import product images with Magmi

I have resolved with this regular expression:

{{preg_replace('/\/+/', '-', {item.sku})}}.jpg