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Increase & decrease quantity in cart

Increase & decrease quantity in cart

Hi. I have been searching like a madman for a solution to my problem. I want my cart to be more customer friendly when it comes to quantity update on cart page. The native magento with an update button is very poor.


I have found some guides/tutorials but most of them are for old versions of magento.


I wonder if someone here has a link to a guide or tutorial? I either want dropdown with auto update or ( + ) ( - ) buttons.


Thanks in advance! Smiley Happy


Re: Increase & decrease quantity in cart

A very quick way of achieving this with limited coding would be to overwrite the cart template where the item rows are output and change the html so that instead of the qty box being a type="text" it is a type="number" - most modern browsers will then have up/down arrows on there to increase / decrease quantity. As a bonus this doubles up to help mobile users... if they touch into the field they will see numeric (as opposed to text/qwerty) keyboard layout.


If you're not happy relying on HTML5 and need to support some older browsers you'd be looking at a javascript implementation to achieve the +/-.

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Re: Increase & decrease quantity in cart

Wow, thank you! The HTML5 solution is perfect. I will just need to style it and see how it looks in mobile.


Thanks man!