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Language switch error URLs


Language switch error URLs



i've got a question regarding a magento shop - version

The languages german, english and french are offered to the customer. The "configuation > web" says

-> german:

-> english:

-> french:

I think this is basicly ok as well.


The problem i've seen in the shop by showing a detail page in any language, for example has the following path:


(by the way: in the cataloge, the german URL Key is named "uhrmacherlupe" - as far as good)


So i want to change to an other language, for example english so i don't come to the same product, instead i come here:


(in the admin cataloge - product page the english URL Key named "eye-glass-for-watch-makers")


I thought, this may happen in case of the URL Rewrite configuration, but there is no rule with define this.


And this was only a example - the shop has about 1.200 products and nearly every language switch - gets the customer

- sometimes to the upper category page,

- sometimes to another product

- sometimes on the startpage

- sometimes on the 404 error page


I already deleted all URL Rewrite definitions in the database and re-generate a new index of the cataloge rewrite URLs.

But i didn't solved the problem. 


Can anyone here tell me, what i should do, for a sucessful forwarding between the languages regarding the product URL Key?



Thanks a lot for your help!

kind regards,





Re: Language switch error URLs

You may use a module o offer this functionality, here is a plugin that allows manual and automatic currency/lang switching,

Re: Language switch error URLs

Hey Steven


thank you for your answer. GeoIP might be a nice tool, but it isn't the solution for my linkproblem.


I don't understand why magento is linking to false articles between the languages (sometimes even to a 404-error-page).

Goggle Webmastertools also tells me, that this is not ok :-(



Thanks for your help!

Kind regards,


Re: Language switch error URLs

I found the solution:

just installed the Extension:


here you found more information on the following instruction:

Re: Language switch error URLs



how can me explain how to install the Extension:


Thank you for the help