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Layered navigation product attribute filtering

Layered navigation product attribute filtering

New to magento & coding request help...


Am creating a new fabric store where I am wanting customers to use the navigation bar and filter to the products based on attributes e.g. 


Filter 1 - type of cloth

Filter 2 - Color

Filter 3 - Usage

Filetr 4 - Pattern


However In the type of cloth when I upload products I have a custom attributes called "Product_type" , "Product_Color", "Product_Usage", "Product_Pattern" etc and each time a new set of products get uploaded new attributes can be added - e.g first set of products has only silk and then the next set has cotton etc.


How do I create a navigation bar where these attribute names are accounted for automatically without my having to go to the admin panel and set the attributes to a certain value i.e after a few months I could have a new color coming in, how do I code so that it appears on the navigation bar automatically as a choice if that is available as a product. 


Again the next question is how do I make the fabric as a basic choice to begin with and then this gets to be stiched into a shirt etc - my end objective to to get the person to begin with a fabric with a end usage that is very different e.g. shirt or pant or suit - cloth requirement is very different so that I can calculate pricing at the end only.