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MP3 audio

MP3 audio

Help. I've posted a simple mp3 audio file to my client's homepage but she it reporting that the mp3 plays for 1/2 second and then disappears. I, on the other hand, see and hear it.

on my iMac with 10.9, an iPhone 4s and a Macbookwith 10.9 in Safari, Firefox and Chrome.


She uses Mac 10.8, but it shouldn't be an issue, should it? I used the script below to


I used the script below to insert into the homepage via the CMS. Be great if someone can take a look and let me know why I can hear it and not my client. Open to any suggestions.



<audio id="Gloveables" preload='none'>
    <source src='' type='audio/wav' />
<a href="#" id="audioControl" style="display:inline-block; padding:4px; background-color:#FF6699; color:#000; border-radius:6px;">Click to hear our Gloveables jingle!</a>
<script>var yourAudio = document.getElementById('Gloveables'),
    ctrl = document.getElementById('audioControl');
ctrl.onclick = function () {
    // Update the Button
    var pause = ctrl.innerHTML === 'Pause Gloveables jingle!';
    ctrl.innerHTML = pause ? 'Click to hear our Gloveables jingle!' : 'Pause Gloveables jingle!';
    // Update the Audio
    var method = pause ? 'pause' : 'play';
    // Prevent Default Action
    return false;

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Re: MP3 audio



such things is always hard to figure out. I suggest to use Teamviewer (or any other Remote-Desktop-Viewer) and connect to the computer of your client, maybe you can see whats the problem than.

Beste Grüße | Regards, Roman from

Re: MP3 audio

Thanks for the suggestion. I doubt my client will want to take the time to load screen sharing app or even screen share through 10.8 .  I will need to find another way.