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Magento Email problems

Magento Email problems

I have a problem regarding magento's sending of emails, I've edited the onepagecontroller.php that after every successful checkout, it will automatically send the order and invoice email of the last order ID ( which is supposed to be the purchased items ) 


But I don't know why sometimes it sends both emails, then sometimes it doesn't send these 2 emails at all. in my mageto configuration the sales emails are set to yes as well ( all emails order/invoice/shipping ) 


Is there a way to debug this ? There are no error logs being logged every after unsuccesful email, but if magento did send said emails, maillog in var/log is updated with the sent email. 


any Ideas on what may cause the email sending error ? 


Re: Magento Email problems

Are you sure that the emails are not being sent? Maybe they are being sent and getting routed to the Spam folder?


In this situation I would recommend talking to  your hosting company to add an SPF record. This will improve your email receiving - and not to spam.

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Re: Magento Email problems

Which version are you using ? if using 1.9 then emails are being send by CRON job..


hope it helps you! Smiley Happy

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Re: Magento Email problems



same issue here

i use the magento version i check all the type of IP/domain reputation,SPF record & DKIM settings.

but same issue

also i install aschroder smtp extension.

if i try to send mail using core php then it will receive in inbox.