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Magento Enterprise - Gift Cards in Checkout Process

Magento Enterprise - Gift Cards in Checkout Process

I've been searching on how to add the ability for customers to use gift cards on the check out page on my Magento site and so far no luck. I am running on Magento Enterprise so the function is available for use but where I'm stuck at is where I can enable the function to redeem gift cards during the checkout process.  I can enter them in the shopping cart but not the checkout flow (payment information).  Third party extensions have this ability why does core magento enterprise not have this?  Magento out of the box provides a link that takes you back to the shopping cart which really confuses customers. Am i just missing something or did Magento really not think of this?


Re: Magento Enterprise - Gift Cards in Checkout Process

Watch this video real quick and see if you learn anything new.


If that doesn't help you, then I'm going to need you to create a screencast of the exact problem you're facing. You can install JING from TECHSMITH for free and easily create screencasts with it. Paste the link here, and I'll see what I can do.

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