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Magento FedEx Shipping Ground Rates

Magento FedEx Shipping Ground Rates

Hello All -


I have product in my Magento Store whose weight is abotu 5.5 lbs and when I add that product in cart with about 15 quantity then its total weight is 82.5 which can be packed in one box of FedEx. But the websites gives me Estimated Shipping for 15 packages which is about $270 and when I check it on FedEx rate tool and set the package as one package it gives me about $90. How can I set it to website so it takes it as one package not 15 packages.


In other words is there any facility where we can check the cart products weight and set the packages against the weight in admin panel.


Please let me know if my question is not clear. Thanks in advance.





Re: Magento FedEx Shipping Ground Rates

You will need a shipping extension like WebShop Apps to accomplish this.



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