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Magento Optimization

Magento Optimization

Whatis the meaning of Use multiple front end serever to make more optimization for magento website?

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Magento Optimization


These are Steps to make your Magento web site be optimized

  1. Memcache (for the hardcore) is documented 
  2. Disable the PHP open_basedir directive. Read this.
  3. Eliminate directory structure scans for .htaccess files.
  4. Use multiple web nodes (frontend servers) to handle browsing and checkout.
  5. Use Varnish reverse proxy caching

Can you help me to Apply them 


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Re: Magento Optimization



Regarding your first post, you can rent or purchase multiple web servers to run your web site to improve its performance. For example, we ran the HMV Ireland website using front end 10 web server machines all using NFS to share the document root. This is a complicated and fragile process if you're not already using automation to deploy your servers, however, and should only be done if you've tuned everything else and need the extra capacity (and can afford the extra expense),





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Re: Magento Optimization

load balancing?