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Magento Order Export XML Editing (Webservice XML)

Magento Order Export XML Editing (Webservice XML)



TLDR; Where can I find/edit the xml that the web service uses to export orders from Magento, and more pointedly, what would I have to add for it to export the tier price the product is purchased at (or what customer group the customer is on)


I have an Inventory Management software which syncs with Magento and pulls in the orders via the web service XML protocol. Recently, I have noticed that it is pulling in the tiered pricing the customer purchases at, however it does not pull in the title of the tier price which we end up having to do manually for every order. 


My question would be two things, where can I find this XML in the coding to include the sending of this tier pricing/customer group, and secondly, would anyone know what tier pricing or customer group title is saved under for it to be included.


Thanks for any insight!