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Magento filter by simple associated product in stock

Magento filter by simple associated product in stock



I need your help!!! Smiley Frustrated

In my store I sell shoes. I have configurable products listed. Every configurable product has related simple products (each size is a simple product). 


Configurable product: Visibility: Catalog, Search  /   Stock: 0  / In Stock

Simple product: Visibility: Not Visible Individually  /  Stock: X  / In or Out of stock (depending)


For example Nikkee Aire is the configurable product. And associated products: Nikke Aire - Size 10, Nikke Aire - Size 11....

I've got the stock in each simple product and no in the configurable. 


My problem is, when I use size filter, on the list I see configurable products with a simple product with this size.

How can I change the filter to show the products with simple product with this size(as it works now) and has stock (>0)?

I have Amasty Improved Navigation extension.


Thank you so much!