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Magento uses all server space and crashes

Magento uses all server space and crashes

I used Magento with GoDaddy and overtime Magento used more and more space , 200GB then crashed. I've now moved to DigitalOcean thinking it'd fix the problem but Magento has used all available 160GB disk space and crashed again. There is 500MB of media , and Magento files are using the rest on god knows what.


I would suggest using Volusion , Shopify or a platform that won't cost you an arm and a leg just to maintain it.


Re: Magento uses all server space and crashes

have now paid more to digitalocean to get magento working again hopefully :


8 GB
4 vCPUs
160 GB

Re: Magento uses all server space and crashes

After a bit of investigation , I've found this :


The 3 bottom settings :


Flush Catalog Images Cache
Pregenerated product images files.

Flush Swatch Images Cache
Pregenerated configurable swatches image files.

Flush JavaScript/CSS Cache
Themes JavaScript and CSS files combined to one file


When this is not flushed , the REDIS function fails. REDIS was 100% usage , after flush it went down to 19%.


I would like to know why the Magento cache builds and builds , until server is 100% consumed with data and crashes.


I asked my developer to setup a cron job to auto-flush everyday but he says it's impossible.


Can I have some help and information here please , everyone i talk to is not entirely sure what Magento is doing!

Re: Magento uses all server space and crashes

Hi @pablo_williams


Publishing your server configuration would not help. Cache would not cause space usage issue. There may be something else going on. For example if you have a extension which creates PDF of each invoice and store it on the server. You should coordinate with digital ocean and find out which root folder is taking most of the space. Then go in to it sub-directory and find our the exact folder causing the issue. That is how you can debug the issue.


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