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Magento visibility be store instead of website

Magento visibility be store instead of website

 I am building a website for a company that has many store fronts all around the country. They want one website which contains all information, cms pages and styles. Products stock/price/info is also shared between stores for all general products.


There is an exception to this which is some special products that only exist for one store. There are multiple cases of this where an individual store will stock products that are outside the default product catalogue. My plan for this was to make them disabled by default and change the status for that specific store to enabled.


The problem comes with the fact that status is a global/website attribute and I have been planning to use stores to represent each of the individual store fronts.


I have been weighing up the benefits/costs of switching to using websites verses changing the status attribute to become store based but fear I might be missing some things that will only appear later down the line.


Switch visibility to store based:

+ Requires database tweak (I already figured out how to do this)

+ Some code may only expect visibility to be website based and will not work with this change


Switch to using websites

+ Requires user to select all websites for each product (with over 80 store fronts this is a problem)

+ Adds some extra functionality


Re: Magento visibility be store instead of website

What is your specific question?

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