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Magmi and configurable products

Magmi and configurable products

For an existing website I need to create configurable product to group some existings products.

I have never developed for magento since now, so after some research on google I decided to use Magmi and the "Configurable Item processor".

This is the current csv file I created:


CANARY_WHARF_FLEECE_PARENT,configurable,FLEECE/RAIN JACKET,"Description","Short description",15,"Root Catalog/Canary Wharf College/SCHOOLWEAR","School Uniform","CANARY_WHARF_FLEECE,CANARY_WHARF_FLEECE_G"



After the import the product is created, but I have this problems.


1) Missing configurable attributes.


When I try to edit the generated product ask to me to set manually the configurable attributes:


Is there any way to set them using the csv file?


2) Associated products


Simple products are not associated to the configurable one, in fact in the Associated Products page the list is empty.


Why magmi is not using the simple_skus field to associate them to the new record?


3) Category


What is wrong in the value I'm using? Why doesn't set any category for the new product?





Re: Magmi and configurable products

Here is the Magmi help site

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