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Magmi import difficulty

Magmi import difficulty


I am trying to import a CSV file into Magento with Magmi but it isn’t working and I am receiving the following error message:


1 warning(s) found Hide Details
warningSmiley Frustratedkus imported KO:1/1

Skipped 1 record


Some details:

-The file exists and has the correct permissions.
-I selected ‘create new items only, skip existing ones’ (I also tried the other options)
-I clicked ‘Save Profile’ before I clicked ‘Run Import’
-I have tried using various different SKUs
-All of my columns headings exist as attributes within my Magento


Any ideas?


Sample CSV with minimal attributes:


Default,simple,768,10 Vols 1817 The Works of the late William Cowper Illustrated Letters,yes


Re: Magmi import difficulty

Here are the error messages I get from my [magmi]/state/progress.txt


itime:1 - 4.19616699219E-5 - 4.19616699219E-5
dbtime:0 - 0 - 0 - 0
skip:skipping unknown sku:3099 - update mode set
itime:2 - 0.00047492980957 - 0.000400066375732
dbtime:1 - 4.10079956055E-5 - 4.10079956055E-5 - 1
skip:skipping unknown sku:3100 - update mode set
itime:3 - 0.000684976577759 - 0.000180006027222
dbtime:2 - 7.29560852051E-5 - 3.19480895996E-5 - 1
skip:skipping unknown sku:3101 - update mode set
itime:4 - 0.000921964645386 - 0.000209093093872
dbtime:3 - 0.000104904174805 - 3.19480895996E-5 - 1
skip:skipping unknown sku:3102 - update mode set

Re: Magmi import difficulty

Did you know import multiple images import using magmi ,


my excel format error,