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Migrating data to Magento using SOAP API V2

Migrating data to Magento using SOAP API V2

We are using the Magento SOAP API V2 to migrate sales order data from our old system to our new Magento instance.


We have used Magento SOAP to successfully start a session, create a shopping cart, add customers, customer addresses, products to the cart, assign a payment method to the cart, assign a shipping method to the cart and convert the cart to a Magento Sales Order. So far, so good. However, Magento is using the current Magento price of the products not the price we charged the customer in our old system. The shipping charges are also determined by Magento, as well.


We cannot find any Magento SOAP method that allows us to set the price of the product or the price of the shipping charges in the cart or the sales order. Is there a way to set the product price and shipping charges in the cart  or sales order using the Magento SOAP API?

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