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Missing text from home page

Missing text from home page

Good Morning


I hope somebody can help me.


I was updating the prices of items on my companies web store home page this morning and wanted to change the font of the text.  I changed the font for one line but it didn't work and the text disappeared.  I went back into Magento and changed it back (or at least I think I did) but when I checked, the whole page text is missing.  I don't know what I have done or how to fix it.  Any advice/help would be greatly appriciated.


I think it is best to tell you I have Zero knowledge when it comes to computers and the imput of data which is why my company went with Magento but it appears not to be as user friendly as it first appears.  Anybody with any help needs to tell me what I have done wrong in the basic of terms.


Many Thanks


Re: Missing text from home page

I am afraid if you have deleted text you can not get it back. There are some solutions for future reference:


1) You could go with Magento Enterprise which includes version control


2) I believe that the better CMS from Sweetthooth extension also includes version control

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