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Mobile App Checkout

Mobile App Checkout


I'm am going to create a mobile app for my Magento store.

I don't have problems using the Magento APIs for almost every task, but I seriously miss a crucial point: how can I make a payment?

I've read this document (Mage Checkout section), but I seriously miss the App <-> Payment Gateway <-> Magento Store communication through the APIs.

Can you please give me some hints? At least from a theoretical point of view. Some examples would be great, too.

More specifically, (I think that) the solution I would like to adopt is Braintree for Mobile because I already use Braintree in my website.


Any hints is really appreciated.




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Re: Mobile App Checkout

You will want to build your own payment gateway then once your payment is authorized you can pass that back to Magento and complete the order. 

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Re: Mobile App Checkout



I have solution for this, You need API for magento app. Contus M Comm has delivered api for Magento app with all features like deep linking, synchronization, push notification, Instant Contact etc. Here payment integration is customizable. So you can integrate which payment mode you want.  Please look into it. It's really help for you.