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Mobile site

Mobile site

How hard is it to optimize a site for mobile? I see Google is addig tht to their SEO algorm, I search tutorials but couldn't find any. Anu ideas?


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You are correct, Google have already worked mobile optimisation into their algorithm. Having a mobile optimised site is more important than ever, you can see this with Google insights and the "Mobile-Friendly" label on Google results. But this is not the only reason to have a mobile friendly site. Over 50% of my users are now mobile users, so we need to keep user experience in mind Smiley Wink

If you are running the new 1.9 RWD template the theme is fully responsive from default, of course it may need some customisation.


If you are running 1.7 or up, there is a theme included in the Magento package called "Iphone" which can by applied to specific devices using user agents.


This can be enabled in your admin:


System -> Config -> Design


Add "Matched Expressions" to your theme and use the "Iphone" theme for these expressions


iPhone|iPod|BlackBerry|Palm|Googlebot-Mobile|Mobile|mobile|mobi|Windows Mobile|Safari Mobile|Android|Opera Mini


Hope this helps.


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Conor Rhys Tomkins

Re: Mobile site

I have the default iphone template setup for mobile devices..Can it be customizable (adding your own colors, logo) and if so how?

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If you are using Magento 1.9 < I would suggest using the RWD theme as this is fully responsive & would only require you do edit one theme.


If you are using previous versions with the "Default" theme - you will find the Iphone theme:




You can add your logo by replacing the logo at:




You will also find all the relevant CSS.




This will allow you to change the colours within your theme.


To develope on this theme, i would also suggest using a "User Agent Switcher" extension for your selected browser. This will allow you to trigger the theme on your computer allowing to you develope without switching back & fourth between devices.


I very rarely get time to come on Magento forum anymore, but since no one else seems to be responding, please feel free to message me via the details in my footer if you need anymore information.




This will be used to change your theme colours.

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Conor Rhys Tomkins

Re: Mobile site

Hello @geniusmods

Thw amount of work needed to optimize your site for mobile devices depends on what you already have. You can have a look at this detailed guide for Magento HTTPs switch, it contains both technical and SEO aspects.

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