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Moving attributes in view page

Moving attributes in view page



Using magento CE RWD theme . 


Trying to move some attributes such as SKU , Manufacturer and Model Number ( custom ) to show under my Product name using ul li tag. i found this code that im currently using to show custom attribute in a tab :


<?php echo $_product->getResource()->getAttribute('technical_data')->getFrontend()->getValue($_product); ?>


This works fine .. but I don't know how to wrap this and same code for other attributes into ul li as well as adding Translatable Labels for this. so basically i need them to show as :


  • sku: 1111
  • mfr model# :34343
  • Manufacturer : some guy 


any help with some code would be great . 



Re: Moving attributes in view page

Hi @tonysar,

I edited your post to include some formatting to be more clear for the forum members.

I included added the code into the markdown container, and I added a bullet list.


Keep formatting into account for your next posts.
Best regards.

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