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Multi site not updating

Multi site not updating

I have site A which is the main site and site B which is multi site of Site A.

I have a problem where some things are not changing on site B eg the store phone number. So I have changed the store phone number in store B in admin, and I have flushed cache and storage cache. But the number is not changing ( note its a different number from store A and so the old number is not stored anywhere that I can see.) I have looked into the code that calls the store number which is:


<?php echo Mage::getStoreConfig('general/store_information/phone'); ?>


I looked that up in the database and its showing the correct number ( and can't see the old number that still showing anywhere).

Another extension seems to have the same problem and it seems to be related to getStoreConfigas other parts of the site B are updating ok (eg CMS changes are showing ok).

I'm using Firefox with local cache and cookies disabled



I wondering that maybe the cache is not properly being flush by magento backend, but not sure what to try next



Magento 1.9, Nginx, xcache,




Re: Multi site not updating

delete var/cache folder, restart web server

Re: Multi site not updating

I have done that, but its repopulated instantly, and no difference

Re: Multi site not updating

I found out the cause of the problem. It seems that Site B did not have permission to write to the cache folder that was on site A, If that happens its seems magento automaticly stores them in /tmp/magento/var/cache on the server, which was never gets flushed.

The short term solution is do delete the cache in he /tmp/ folder, and the proper solution is to setup the premissions correctly to the cache folder so that Site B can write to it.  But I can see that the cache folder (proper one) is 777 so Site B should have have been able to write to it?


I have been searching for a guide how to setup nginx with multi store, but can't find anything anywhere.