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Multiple prices depending on link / tracking

Multiple prices depending on link / tracking

Hi, i've got kind of a fundamental issue on my hand.

I want to create a modul that tracks if a user is redirected from a price comparison site.

For starters let's just assume we get a parameter from the url which indicates from which price comparison site the user has been redirected.

The price should get adapted accordingly.

Now my main question is concerning the data structur is should use for this.

I got two ideas, but can not deside which to use.


The first idea is to create a new flat table in the magento database where e.g. the product_id, the comparison_site_id and the price get saved. When a customer now enters my site via a redirect, i check the table if an entry defining a new price exists.

I know this would mean that i need to create a new model and a resource-model to use this system.

But i could track the price changes over time and just need to take care of one additional table.


The second idea would be to create for every product for every price comparison site an attribute which stores the price.

In this case i would check the product attributes depending on the url parameter.

No need for a new model or resource-model.

But every time the prices get updated, i would need to update every product of the shop which would be done idealy over night and i think i couldn't track the prices over time.


Now i don't know which system would use more resources / create a bigger overhead or which system is closer to the magento philosophy.


I would love to hear your thoughts on this matter.