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Multishop Package Units / Quantity increments

Multishop Package Units / Quantity increments


we have a Magento 1.9.1 Shop for normal customers and need to extend it to be used by wholesale customers.

The problem is, that the wholesale customers not only need different prices but also they need package units / quantity incremenents, which the normal customers don't get.

As far as I see, magento only supports global configuration for package units.


Does anyone know an extension, that can handle this? Or is someone able to develop an extension to handle this problem?

Of course we are open to other solutions as well.


Thank you in advance.


Martin Staudt | marketing kommunikation thom UG


Re: Multishop Package Units / Quantity increments

Have you checked to see if WebShopApps will do this or ShipperHQ?

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Re: Multishop Package Units / Quantity increments

Thank you.

I just checked both of them, but they mostly have extensions for shipping. Our request has nothing to do with shipping.


I attached a screenshot for clarification.


Basically what we need is to be able to set this value individually for customer groups or alternatively for storeviews/websites