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Multistore seperate domain help needed

Multistore seperate domain help needed

Dear Magento Community,


Currenly I'm really struggeling to get sever websites to run under the same backend.
I've seen countless tutorials but nothing has worked for me.
I'll try to explain it as detailed as possible.

There are two domains that my company owns. one is called "reclameabcshop" and the other one "stoepbordenabc". (both are .nl websites).
I want both of these websites to run on the backend of reclameabcshop, so if I go to the admin path, login and edit stuff, I can edit stuff for the other websites as well.


Things I have done:

Setup the magento store in "Manage stores"
system > configuration > store scope: stoepbordenabc > web > both secure and unsecure web urls changed to the url of stoepbordenabc and ended with a dash.
changed the following in the .htaccess file:
##hey, if the domain is, then...
##load store view stoepbordenabc_nl

RewriteCond %{HTTP_HOST} ^(.*)
RewriteRule ^ - [E=MAGE_RUN_CODE:stoepbordenabc_nl]


That's about it. It would be awsome to have a video that shows how it's done so I can apply the same measures as the video does, just plain text would be amazing as well, I just really need this to be sorted.

I hope this isn't an issue that has been asked a million times alreay, if so then please send me to a resolved case.



Kind regards,


Reclame ABC


Re: Multistore seperate domain help needed

For each website, you need to set the url in configuration->general->web->secure/unsecure->base url. Set this value in the website level configuration. This is assuming that you set these both up as different websites and not just store views. In addition to this, you need to initiate magento with a different run code as you tried. It seems as if it's not being set as an environment variable so it's not reading MAGE_RUN_CODE. You can manually try this out by just directly modifiying index.php as a test and set it near the store init at the bottom. If you're using apc or something that caches/compiles your php files, you may need to restart apache to test it out each time you change the index.php. If this test works, then you'll have to figure out why your .htaccess isn't setting MAGE_RUN_CODE. 


It would also help if you posted your configuration of websites and store views, including their store view/website codes and urls.

Re: Multistore seperate domain help needed

Hello Zenenjaimes,


Thank you for the fast response. I've made two screenshots of the settings you have mentioned.

Store view:

Unsecure/secure url:


The websites I'm working with are and

I copied every single file from the root of Reclameabcshop into Stoepbordenabc its root but I don't think that's a smart thing to do. The reason I know this isn't working is because I made it so that the CMS home page is only visible on reclameabcshop and not stoepbordenabc.


As for the test you mentioned, I have no idea how that's done. I'm fairly new to the coding world and connecting multiple websites seems to be beyond my grasp right now. If it is possible for you, would you mind explaining how that test works?


 I hope this is the information you needed.




Reclame ABC