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New Inventory state

New Inventory state

I have the following problem.
We have certain products in that we deliver directly from the manufacturer to the customer. We do not have these products in stock, but they should still be able to be ordered and then reach the customer within 7 days.
I need to store this information as a state in the products inventory state section.
My idea was to create a new inventory state. So in addition to "in stock", "out of stock" and "only a few in stock," I would like add a sate like "ordered from manufacturer".
Furthermore, I have to be able to update this information via javascript/jquery, read more:
The products are configurable products. The 375ml to 5L containers we have in stock, but the 20L to 200L drum come directly from the manufacturer to the customer.
So how can I change in the delivery state in the frontend, as soon as the customer chooses one of the 20L to 200L drums? I would not like to overwrite the core files.
For starters, an idea how I can add a new inventory state would be enough. The rest I'm certain I can then figure out myself (unless one of you also has a cool idea for the rest).
Thanks in advance
Best regards


Re: New Inventory state

Since you're getting the product from the manufacturer, it means that you don't have to keep inventory for those products at all. There's an option just for that under product Inventory tab. Basically it means that the product is always available. You can add an attribute the the product that contains detailed delivery information.


There's no point adding "only a few in stock" status as you can check out stock level and determine from it whether or not it's "a few" or not.


You can update app/design/frontend/{package}/{theme}/template/catalog/product/view.phtml and update product view page to display all the information you want.

Tanel Raja