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New order email not queuing

New order email not queuing


Im facing an issue with new order e-mails.


As far as I know, magento uses cronjob to send emails previously stored in `core_email_queue` table.

I configured cron and it works fine - it seems that cron is not a problem.


When i click Send Email,  notify customer by email or anything in admin panel it works just fine. Message appears in the table and after a minute or so it is send.


The problem is when a customer places an order, email does not appear in `core_email_queue` table.



Do you guys have any idea, what can be wrong or how could I check where is the problem?


I'm using SolvingMagento OneStepCheckout, could that be a source of the problem?




Order email sending is enabled in 'sales email' tab.

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