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No Success Page for Recurring Profile Orders

No Success Page for Recurring Profile Orders

I am using the standard onepage checkout built in with Magento  I am using cryozonic stripe subscription module that uses the recurring profiles built into magento (i think).  I am also using the flatastic theme made by Peerforest.  


Anyways, during the checkout of "normal" line items, everything works perfect.  I get to the bottom, click Place Order, it says submitting order information or whatever and then the page loads to the success page.


However, during the checkout of a recurring profile line item, when I click the Place Order button, I get the same message ,"submitting order information" and the message goes away and the Place Order button shows back up and I never get the success page.


I look at the Orders in Magento and it came through fine in Magento admin.  I check stripe and the payment was captured and the subscription was created.  So everything works fine, except for the success page.


Oh and it should be noted that if I click the Place Order button again, the process repeats completely.  New order submitted, stripe payment goes through, subscription created, but no success page.


Any ideas?


Re: No Success Page for Recurring Profile Orders



In case anyone else has this problem.  My compilation was disabled.  I enabled it, disabled it, cleared cache and everything works great!