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No login with Google Chrome on XAMPP on Mac OS X

No login with Google Chrome on XAMPP on Mac OS X

Hello all together,


I'm new to Magento and I've installed it on my MacBook Pro with Mac OS X Yosemite using XAMPP. I've installed it using Google Chrome, ma favorite browser. After installing it I've recognized that it's not possible to login to the backend of Magento. After typing in my credentials I get redirected back to an empty login screen without any error message. Trying wrong credentials ends with an error message, that the user or the password is wrong. So It recognizes wrong passwords and users.


After searching on the Internet I read that Google Chrome is causing the problem with logins on the backend of Magento. As recommended on this website I've deleted all Cookies and the whole browser cache of Chrome but unfortunately it didn't help. I tried Firefox and there the login works without any problems. 


Is there a known solution for my problems? On the Internet I couldn't find a helpful solution. I hope I've used the right subforum for my question.





Re: No login with Google Chrome on XAMPP on Mac OS X

Hi Tyradux


If you are not using a real sort of domain naming scheme you might have some issues creating sessions i Magento by default. The easy way to fix this is simply naming your local inviroments with a TLD eg:


If you can't do this, there is some magento config values you can edit:


web/cookie/cookie_httponly = 0

web/cookie/cookie_domain = null


I hope this helps :-)