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Notification system for Preordering

Notification system for Preordering

It isn't really the right title but the thing I am wanting to do is somewhat complicated and I don't know what to search. Anyway here is what I want to do:


I have some products that I know will be coming in in the future, thus the preordering; however, we just want to make it where people tell us they are interested in the item so they don't have to pay for it then to avoid complications. What I want to do is essentially take the "Add to Cart" Button and make it to where when it is clicked, it will send the person to the Contact Us page with the page already filled out with a Topic (which for me is a Drop Down Select), A Subject (which I would like to be like "-Product Name- Interest" or something similar), and a message to be like "Hello, I am interested in -Product Name- when it comes out". This way all the person has to do is fill out contact information.


The things I know how to do is change the Add to Cart Button text and all of the stuff associated with that as I have actually done that for the Pre Orders when we were going to have people buy them, but as I delved deeper it got more complicated, so we have decided to go this route.


Any and all help is greatly appreciated. Thank you.


Re: Notification system for Preordering

Since the products you are referring to are visible in the catalog and, I suppose, out of stock, why don't you let users exploit the "notify me when it comes available" native functionality to be notified as soon as the product is in stock?


It's the simplest no-need-to-code-anything solution that comes in my mind.


Hope it helps.

Alessandro Ronchi --

Re: Notification system for Preordering



I don't really want to use that system because that seems more for backorders when that isn't what I am wanting to do. Like yeah it would probably work but not really what I am wanting to do.