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Onepage checkout redirects to main page


Onepage checkout redirects to main page

Hello all, after i moved from shared hosting to vps unmanaged the onepage checkout is not working anymore

After i click "proced to checkout" it gave me a blank/white page, then instead of showing the page to input infirmatuion it just reverts to index/main page

 Magento CE 1.8.1

the website is

Steps to reproduce the problem


1 Add an item to cart

2 Update shipping.price, etc

3. Click the button "Proced to checkout"

White page then website goes back to main page

products still in cart



Troublesouting so far

Edited .......singleton....code  for info.phtml for checkout and reviews.phtm in checkout folder


I believe that i am missing something on the vps

Phpinfo enabled, so a smart magento developer might figure out if i am missing something


I also installed magento debug from mgt-commerce-but for some reason it works only in admin --which makes no sense at all-making me to believe that my vps server migt not be configured properly-or i am missing some module-apache, php?


Thank you for your help.

Looking forward for suggestions.




Re: Onepage checkout redirects to main page

Have you checked system.log or exception.log file for error? First of all enable the log from admin and check system.log or exception.log file located at Magento Root -> var -> Log folder. This file will specify actual error which can be proceeded to solve. Let me know the detailed error log from the file.

Re: Onepage checkout redirects to main page



So it sounds like you are getting a "Fatal" error that is the white page. I would start debugging this by looking into the Magento error logs files:
   exception and debug.log


But I have also seen issues where these files are not reporting because of permissions when a site moves over so always check the system level log files also: /var/log/nginx/error.log /var/log/apache2/error.log /var/log/php-fpm/error.log you will need to select the one applicable to your use case on the server. 


If you have just moved the site over from shared to VPS then I would think that perhaps you are missing a component from PHP that is required to run the application or perhaps the PHP version has changed resulting in the error. Or it could just be a genuine error, If you find anything in the logs please post back here and I will be able to assist more.

Re: Onepage checkout redirects to main page

Hello MageComp

Thank you for even bothering to replay to my major problem

The logs are enabled but for any crazy reason i cannot see them, or they get no saved at all.

Are enabled in developer setting -magento, but-i got nothing in them.

The file permission for public_html> var=755>log=755


My log folder is empty


Any ideas?



Re: Onepage checkout redirects to main page



Hello jamescowie,

The php version is 5.4, but i have the same error on 5.6

Regarding the requirements for magento 1.8.1 -everything was/is installed-but i will check again.




Regarding the logs/var/log/nginx/error.log--dont have nginx installed



/var/log/apache2/error.log-cannot see any apache folder-i am assuming apache logs are somewhere else



/var/log/php-fpm/error.log you will need to select the one applicable to your use case on the server. 


nothing in logs-which is disturbing for me

Thank you

Re: Onepage checkout redirects to main page


The replay from techsupport with the theme was that the path to JS is wrong and they actually posted a photo with the error

here's their replay

About your problem
==> We checked and saw your store is facing js error. Please see our screenshot :
- Cause of the error is due:
++ You config path of js incorrect
++ error js of extension MGT 


Re: Onepage checkout redirects to main page

Problem Solved!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


When the automatic migration took place ( when i updated the account from shared to vps in cpanel) from Shared Account to VPS account  the Home directory changed from 

Home3=shared to Home=VPS so all the old/required/necesaary resources were in home3, but the new website was looking for them in home-imagine

They fix it by setting some forward on symlinks--etc-not sure how-the sys admin did it in ssh i guess


This si an automatic glitch, which it took me 6 days to find.


All i can say is that hostmosnter might not be your ideal partner for magento, as it took me about 20 phone calls and days of chat  until 1 guy finally  did what i asked him-to escalate the problem to  a system admin for vps , which say the path problem 


This issie is not visible on WHM, CPANEL, They discover it because the system admin hit the same problem again-which i tend to belive they have a poor migration setup.


I recomand siteground with all my heart.

Thank you all


Suddenly all my problems went away. Now to update!!!!!!