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Only one result in search

Only one result in search


I've a issue with the search from magento 1.9. I'm using the rwd template and if I try to search , I get perhaps 1376 results but only one of these resault is shown. There are serveral pages of results but only the one product ist shown on every resultpage.


For testing I've installed a autocomplete search. This search is showing more than one result. If I click on "show all", I get the same problem.


I think this is a rwd problem. I only deactivated the footer link for the advanced search, because its using the manufacturernumbers instead of the manufacturernames. 


The search is strange !


Need help to fix it !


br from germany



EDIT: I solved it. It was a corrupt database entry.


Re: Only one result in search

Super you solved it - please closed tread / mark it as solved Smiley Happy




-- Best regards --
Kent Christiansen | Magento Certified Solution Specialist