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Opencart ver to magento migration

Opencart ver to magento migration


Does magento store have extensions to support migration from other ecommerce platform. In our store we have around 500+ products and would like them to be migrated to magento database.


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Re: Opencart ver to magento migration

If deadline is very tight then get some 3rd party extentions.


If the time is not a constrain the approach it by this way.


Get the database design of


Find the relations in tables and break it into parts like languages creation, category creation , product creation. You will have to find the correct queries and joins for the type of products that is going to be in magento, store etc.


Then create an extension in magento that has all these quires in helper. Call those helper functions and use magento collection to create products and orders ect.


The challenging part is, if there are 100K+ SKU in opencart then system might go out of mem. So you need to use limits to break the records.


It takes more time than a few words.


I am involved (self learning) with the same process for osc. May be I will put some time for the opencart too.

Re: Opencart ver to magento migration

You can use anyone of the module from following for your purpose:

1. LitExtension: OpenCart to Magento Migration Tool 
2. Cart2Cart: OpenCart to Magento Migration 


Let me know if you face any query/concern regarding the same.


Query solved? Accept as Solution.Thanks
Eric Baily

Re: Opencart ver to magento migration

From my viewpoint, I suggest you using Open to Magento migration tool from Litextension. This tool could migrate quickly with no third party involved so you can secure your data

Re: Opencart ver to magento migration

I agree with @sathyashrayan: If the deadline is already on the nose, the best decision would be to go with the 3rd party solution, something like this . You never know what hardships you may bump into while doing it on your own and how much time it’ll take to overcome them.



Re: Opencart ver to magento migration

@kishwar555 you want to migrate to magento 1 or magento 2?

Re: Opencart ver to magento migration

I research about OpenCart to Magento migration solution. I prefer automated cart migration solution that supports to export products from opencart data to magento 1.x, 2.0, 2.1, 2.2. Users can start again with the latest version of Magento quickly.