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Order Confirmation Email Duplicates

Order Confirmation Email Duplicates

Evening all,


Now there seems to be a number of threads on this but basically I am having a problem where the order confirmation emails are duplicated.  This happens to both the customer and the defined BCC recipient in the Magento sales settings.  As I understand the system manages two tables: core_email_queue and core_email_queue_recipients. The former one handles the email Messages, and the later one, the Recipients of these messages.  I have followed the guides and created a new foreign key (as shown here) but am still getting the issue.


I have noticed that when a new order is placed, if I look at the core_email_queue_recipients table in my SQL database, it seems to be adding the emails twice for some reason.  I want to try and understand the process of ordering and adding the emails to the table so I can try to trouble shoot the issue.  Any assistance or guidance you can give would be appreciated. I have also tried to install the ASCHRODER SMTP pro extension, which works, but still gives the same issue.


Running Magento


Thanks for your help!


Re: Order Confirmation Email Duplicates



Did you manage to find out what is causing the problem and solution for it?