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Owebia Shipping 2 and setting up for product_attribute

Owebia Shipping 2 and setting up for product_attribute

Hey everyyone, the most popular shipping module for Magento is Owebia, and yet theres no support offered for it; I'm trying to figure out 2 things with it;

1)  how do implement  :

product.attribute_set: name of the attribute set

 for example is it like this?:

        "CAT1": {
		"label": "Free USA Shipping",
		"shipto": "US",
		"conditions": "in_array({{}}, array(AttributeIdName))",
		"fees": 0
		"customer_groups": "NOT LOGGED IN,General"

 The above code doesn't work, it doesn't reconize the condition to have it only work for product_attribute_set, so I have no idea how to use it.

2)  How do I make it so the shipping combines multiple different methods so it calculates the shipping correctly;

Example:  If I have 5 different attribute_set and different shipping calculations for each, how would i put these together so the cart adds up properly.  

Attribute_set: test1 = "fees": "{table {cart.weight} in 0.499:10.15, 0.999:11.15, 2.999:12.75}",
Attribute_set: test2 = "fees":  5
Attribute_set: test3 = "fees": "{table {cart.weight} in 0.5:10.15, 1.0:11.15, 2:12.75}",

How are these attributes combined into a single shipping type?

Heres my full working code so far WITHOUT the attribute sets:  The below code shows the default for all products, but I need to be more specific with attributes.

		"label": "Small Packet Air (6-10 Business Days)",
		"shipto": "US",
		"fees": "{table {cart.weight} in 0.249:6.50, 0.499:8.75, 0.999:11.50}",
		"customer_groups": "NOT LOGGED IN,General"
		"label": "Expedited (4-5 Business Days)",
		"shipto": "US",
		"fees": "{table {cart.weight} in 0.499:14.30, 0.999:15.30, 1.499:16.30, 1.999:17.30, 2.499:18.30, 2.999:19.30, 3.499:20.30, 3.999:21.30, 4.499:22.30, 4.999:23.30, 6.499:27.30, 8.999:32.30, 10.499:37.30, 12.999:43.30, 14.499:48.30}",
		"customer_groups": "NOT LOGGED IN,General"
		"label": "Canada Expedited (2-7 Business Days)",
		"shipto": "CA",
		"fees": "{table {cart.weight} in 0.499:10.15, 0.999:11.15, 2.999:12.75}",
		"customer_groups": "NOT LOGGED IN,General"



Re: Owebia Shipping 2 and setting up for product_attribute

You are best to ask the developer these types of questions.

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Re: Owebia Shipping 2 and setting up for product_attribute


I am using 

Owebia Shipping

for my shipping setup

the issue i am having is 

i need to setup 3 shipping price for 2 product ids, (product ids are id_4x2 and id_5x2)

and i am successful in doing this by this code

"id_4x2,id_5x2": {
"label": "Express 24 - Poster Rolls ",
"conditions": "{count distinct product.attribute.sku}",
"fees": "7.90"


by using this code i can see on checkout the price 7.90 displaying when i have these products added to cart

now problem is . the price 7.90 does not double when i add more than 1 in qty.

the price 7.90 is for 1 item and i want when item increase in qty overtime the price will be added up

1 item 7.90

2 item 15.40

like this on and on 


can you please help me in this , really appreciate if you can help.



Re: Owebia Shipping 2 and setting up for product_attribute

Hello david2012kay


If you want the delivery price to depend on the number of item in the cart, I suggest you use this formula for your fees:


{cart.qty} * 7.90