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Package Pickup Extension

Package Pickup Extension

Good afternoon,


Currently I'm helping my parents webshop with the creation of a module that communicates with the system of our package pickup.


The goal of the (basic) extension is the following:


At the Order overview you can select multiple orders that are ready for transport.

You select 'Export to Pickup' at the Action menu.

A pop-up appears with the overview of the customer name, order id, street, zip, city in a table of some sort.

You click on confirm and the info gets sent to the pickup company through SOAP.


Somewhere in Magento there must be a settings page accessible to add some customer values like our
id, key and such. Which has to be accessed by the plugin as it sends the data.


(Future function: The package label will be returned by the system and a way to download them would
be awesome.)

(Side note: If a pop-up isn't possible than a new page would also be an option)


The problem is as following:

We own the webshop for about a year now and I'm a decent programmer in back and front-end

but I have no experience in Magento other than some minor adaptations. I would like to make the extension
myself as a way to learn to handle Magento but it's also looking for a needle in a haystack currently.


What I have working at this moment:

I've managed to get the actionlist to add the export function but I can't access it yet. The communication
with the company is already made only the visual (pop-up, verify, confirm) part has to be made.


Can someone help me in the right direction? Maybe assist a bit to let me find my way through the haystack?


Kind Regards,



 My code so far:




class BrianvdHorst_CompanyName_Block_Sales_Order_Grid extends Mage_Adminhtml_Block_Sales_Order_Grid {
    protected function _prepareMassaction(){
        // Append new mass action option 
        $this->getMassactionBlock()->addItem('newmodule', array(
                'label' => $this->__('Export to Pick-Up'), 
                'url'   => $this->getUrl('companyname/companyname/test') <--- See comment 1


1:  I know there should be the url to some file but I'm not getting anywhere with it. Especially because I need a pop-up.