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Partial Coupon Concept

Partial Coupon Concept

is it possible in Magento suppose we give discount code value of PKR:2000 to customer, if customer Order PKR: 1000 than apply the discount coupon than Cart Grand Total will be PKR: 0.


Coupon code condition is 1 code per user and 1 time use.


If customer try to apply the same coupon code again system gives error message code already applied. Its a logic.


Now my question is we give coupon code value of PKR: 2000, Customer Place order for PKR: 1000, and Apply Discount Code. Now where is the Remaining PKR: 1000 of coupon code in the system.


I think its partial coupon code concept.


can anyone know how can we use the remaining PKR:1000 balance with specific coupon code?



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Re: Partial Coupon Concept

There's no such thing as "partial coupon" concept. Coupon is a discount, not store credit. What you want to check out is a gift card and store credit combination.

Tanel Raja

Re: Partial Coupon Concept

Hi muneeb434, 


There is no such default functionality in Magento to create "partial coupon". In this case you need to make customization to be able to use remaining balance of your coupon code.  

Here is an idea of the customization: for the coupon code that is more than grand total of the cart (if the coupon is only for one time use) will be generated new coupon with the remaining balance and this balance can be displayed on the checkout success page and will be sent via email.  

Our team can make such customization for you. You can contact our support service in case you are interested in this customization. 


Hope it will help.



Re: Partial Coupon Concept



can you please give me price for this customization?



Re: Partial Coupon Concept

hi munee434, 


Unfortunately we cannot provide you with the price of this customization, as this information is closed on the public sites. Please, contact us directly via our help desk.