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PayPal not charging the correct amount at checkout.

PayPal not charging the correct amount at checkout.

Hello there, 


This year we decided to Upgrade our Store as well as our Magento Version. We were previously running 1.6. We hire a company to go ahead and redesign our website as well as upgrade our platform. They have done so and we had some minor issues that have been resolved but now we are having a bug during our checkout process. 


When the customer elects to pay with PayPal, PayPal is upcharging them for the item they want to pay. We do have a Coupon Code active that does give the customer the credit if that helps at all. 


Here is a breakdown of what we are talking about: 


Item: 13.00

Discount: 2.60

Shipping: 5.99

Tax: 0.94

Grand Total: 34.66


Nowhere in the breakdown does it say any upcharge or in the backend/configuration. 


Can someone please help us out on how to fix this?


Thank you.