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PayPal rounding price issue

PayPal rounding price issue

Hello All,
I need help regarding magento 1.9
Having issue regarding paypal price rounding after Magento rounding customization.
I have done exactly the same given in below link and facing the same issue after.


Re: PayPal rounding price issue

Hi @neha_,


Which problem did you tried to solve first?

Which specific version of Magetno are you using currently?

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Re: PayPal rounding price issue

I am using Magento1.9.2.4.

I have customized the magento's price rounding by changing in app/code/local/Mage/Core/Model/Store.php file's Round function and set the precision to 4 instead of 2 and also do changes in app/code/local/Mage/Paypal/Model/Api/Abstract.php for _exportLineItems function's $request[sprintf($privateFormat, $i)] = $value; line to $request[round($privateFormat,2)] = $value;

After this everything is working fine. But Now I have got an issue, When open paypal account and then via activity open the order for payment details it shows me different amount.

Below is image from my store: enter image description here

And this one is from paypal, Here you can see the amount is different from my store :

enter image description here

One more thing my store has 7% tax and all products are incl. of tax.

Suggest where to changes to get the same amount details in paypal account.