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Preferred Customer program

Preferred Customer program

We are migrating from Zen Cart to Magento and are wondering how we can create a comparable "Preferred Customer Program", whereas any logged in customer who orders 3 or more products totalling $1,500 or more (not including shipping and/or taxes) can get a 10% discount for future online purchases.


Can anyone point me in the right direction?


Thank you!


Re: Preferred Customer program

Yes do use promotional rules for the same.


Hope it helps you Smiley Happy

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Re: Preferred Customer program

I just heard back from the person in charge of this program, and I guess I misunderstood him the first time. Actually, it is 3 orders (not 3 products at checkout of one order). In Zen Cart, they have a report that shows when someone becomes eligible for this discount, then they manually move the customer to that pricing tier.


Would "tier prices" have to be populated for all products to create a preferred pricing tier, and if so, how do you put assign a customer to that pricing tier? Or is there an easier way to do it?


I assume a custom report would have to be created to allow for the periodic inspection of eligible customers, correct? Would it also be possible to have an email sent to someone when someone becomes eligible?

Re: Preferred Customer program

Sweet Tooth can do this using its Milestones functionality.


Basically, you can change a customer's group and/or give them loyalty points based on their lifetime:

  • Orders
  • Revenue
  • Referred friends
  • Points earned
  • Time as a customer

So to create what you're looking for you would:

  1. Set up a customer group for these customers.
  2. Create a milestone rule that changes regular customers' group to this special customer group after they place 3 orders.
  3. Create a Magento shopping cart rule that gives customers of that group an X% discount.

More info on Sweet Tooth for Magento here, you can tweet us @sweettooth, or email us


Disclaimer: I am a Sweet Tooth employee so I'm obviously biased.


Hope this helps. Cheers,