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Preselect product variation in feed

Preselect product variation in feed

On our website we use configurable/variated products and we would like to start doing google adwords. The problem we ran into is that we can't setup our feed in a way so that the customer arrives on the landing page of the configurable product with the variation pre-selected. Currently I use the {url parent} tag so customers who would click on our add would arrive on the configurable products page.

The only two workaround I found is to either use the simple products URL in the feed or the same but creating redirects to the configurable products page with the variation attributes appended to the URL e.g. ""

Does anyone have a simpler solution?


Re: Preselect product variation in feed

Hi @Munszu


There is no simple solution but you are on to the right thing I belive.


You should create some way for your users to pass along information to your magento install that this is the option for them. This can be done pretty easly with Javascript since the entire configurable product selection system run through this in the first palce.


You should take a look at the JS class, Product.Config (js/varien/product.js).


I hope this helps you along :-)