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Price migration

Price migration



im using a old magento 1.4 version with over 10k products. I made a new magento 1.9  and importet all the products and categorys.


Now i want all the prices from the old shop transfered to the new one but i cant find the right table in the sql.


hope someone can help me


Re: Price migration



The correct approach is to upgrade your Magento from 1.4 to 1.9 so as to retain all data rather than installing a new Magento. Further, as Magento 1.x will not be supported anymore by Magento, it is best to switch to Magento 2 which is much fast & secure.


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Re: Price migration

y u are right but this isnt a solution for me. I can only use 1.9 and i cant upgrade to the olt system. 
The new shop under 1.9 is done, just the price is missing


Re: Price migration

You can get price related data from table 

  • catalog_product_index_price

You need to check above table with entity_id as product id and run your custom query to get price of a product.

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