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Price per quantity

Price per quantity

Hi, I need implement a different price per quantity in the same product, example?


1 bottle -> 10€

3 bottle -> 25€

5 bottles -> 40€


I need select with radio buttons and I should add quantity for each option.


how can I do? 

There are any extension for that?



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Re: Price per quantity

Magento has tiered pricing. Look for it in the price tab.

Re: Price per quantity

Yes, but this is not what I need.
I want that the customer select the radio button option with the quantity and price.

Re: Price per quantity

Hello Maimus,


I suggest for you:

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Re: Price per quantity

Thanks MrKhoa99, is a good solution, but not exactly what I looking for.

Any more suggest?

Re: Price per quantity

this might work for you, just might...


I had done something like what you described before, will contribute it when I have time.

Re: Price per quantity

I misread that part of the radio button.


Use the tiered pricing that's already in the system and modify the template to loop through your defined quantities and output a radio button with a specified quantity in the radio button value.


Some sample code:



foreach(array('1','5','10') as $qtyStep ) {
    echo '<input type="radio" name="qty" value="'.$qtyStep.'" />';

If you remove the default input qty text field and use radio buttons with the same qty name, this should work for you (controller doesn't care if it's radio, text or select). Also, look into catalog/product/view/tierprices.phtml and it's relevant block to see how to get tiered pricing from the product.