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Print invoice without PDF download

Print invoice without PDF download

Hello all,


I was wondering whether anyone has figured out how to print invoices directly from the magento backend without downloading a PDF first.


I was unable to find a plugin/extension to achieve this. Can anyone share some information about this?


Any help at all will be much appreciated.


Many thanks,



Re: Print invoice without PDF download

Hi @ankur_fox,


I know it won't be the best solution but what if you try to print with your browser?

Maybe you can customize the print.css styles to get a better result?

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Re: Print invoice without PDF download



Hi, As far as i know its related to browser's nature and most of the browsers doesn't have a built in PDF file viewer and does auto download files you want to open for print etc.


BUT if you use web store app extensions that will allow you to view files in browser without downloading, including the one below ((for chrome) !



-- Ravindra

Re: Print invoice without PDF download

Assuming you want to print from server directly to remote printers that the web server is aware of, you can use server command line to print directly. You can create a list of printer entries in magento backend with printer path configured, and when printing a invoice, generate a temp pdf file on  server and send to selected printer.

Some links for your reference if it works for you