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Problem getting delivery prices via SOAP API

Problem getting delivery prices via SOAP API

I'm trying to get delivery rates via the SOAP v2 API (WSI-I enabled). I'm calling shoppingCartCreate,shoppingCartCustomerSet, shoppingCartCustomerAddresses and then for each product, I'm calling shoppingCartProductAdd and shoppingCartShippingList then shoppingCartProductRemove to clear the basket for the next check.

I've checked that the basket is clear, but after the first call, shoppingCartShippingList returns the same result every time, irrespective of what is actually in the basket at the time. If I start again with a fresh cart then it gives the correct response though.

Is there a better approach than this? It seems pretty slow and long-winded. If not, does anyone have a workaround for this bug, short of creating a fresh cart for each check. If I do create a fresh cart for each check, is that going to cause Magento a problem in terms of the amount of data generated if I run this process every few hours?

p.s. I've checked in Fiddler and this is definitely the result which is returned from Magento's SOAP service - it isn't being cached anywhere locally

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