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Problem import product magento dataflow (status, visibility) 1.9

Problem import product magento dataflow (status, visibility) 1.9

Hi, 6 months ago I made a dataflow through import and worked perfectly.

but since yesterday I'm trying to import other products and is not working.

I use the same format than 6 months and not get errors, but products not listed on the product manager.

The products are listed in the category but appear no category despite the .csv file you specify each category.

Checking the Internet I found the phpmyadmin in catalog_product_entity_int no values for status and visibility value is 1, but in the .csv file status column is in column 1 and visibility is in 4.

to verify whether it was my mistake in the file, load the same file that amount 6 months and try to import but it is exactly the same mistake: the products listed in the category manager without category and do not appear in the product manager

It is something strange, when I try to import localhost is charging: "Processed 0% 0/10 records" and stays there. Therefore, the import process I'm doing on the internet page.

manually insert a record with attribute_id catalog_product_entity_int value in 89 and 1 and change the attribute_id of 95 in the value of 1 for 4 and work, my product manager on the products. But I have more than 250 products and it would be very tedious to do it manually with all


I've done several processes that say on the internet but nothing works for me.

I appreciate your help.



Re: Problem import product magento dataflow (status, visibility) 1.9

Hi @richicasas,


Are you not getting any error while tring to import product using profile? Generally when the error is occured which shows the place where you can see like this ""Processed 0% 0/10 records""

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Re: Problem import product magento dataflow (status, visibility) 1.9

Just doesn't recognise Status, Tax, Visibility values, either textual or int.