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Problem with cashondelivery


Problem with cashondelivery

hello everybody


i have custom module "SelfShipping" and i have one problem: cash on delivery is fading out when i click on this (selfshipping) shipment type (on checkout stage)

another shipping modules don't have that kind of problem


i tried to enable cashondelivery in observer method:


if ($instance->getCode() == "cashondelivery")
$result->isAvailable = true;

but it doesn't work Smiley Sad i suppose that fade action is happening somewhere else later.. but where?


+ i added logging for isAvailable variable:

"Payment method: 'cashondelivery' - enabled"

+ clean all caches a few times


can you help me?


p.s: sorry for bad english


Re: Problem with cashondelivery

Hi @JohnnyQueri


Can you please specify your problem in detail?
When you are selecting the "SelfShipping" as shipping method at that time, "cashondelivery" is not displaying in payment section, right?
If yes then check the console, system.log and exception.log file if there is any error recorded. If you find any error there, try to solve the error or paste it here so that I can help you.


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Re: Problem with cashondelivery

Thanks for reply



1. Overwrite extension files from clean release of COD 1.0.5

2. Update COD to 1.0.6