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Problems with Subcategories

Problems with Subcategories

I am helping a cousin of mine with magento. This is my first time trying it, and i am trying to debug what is wrong with what he needs help with.


It is the subcategories images. 

He has 6 categories, and under each categories, their are subcategories, and each one of the content in the subcategories contains an image. Whenever i click on a subcategories, the pictures do not change. So i went to the cms tab, and clicked on static blocks, when ever i save that page, and return back to the categories pages.

For example, i have 

Nigeria(Lagos, benin, Abuja)

Guyana(Georgetown, new Amsterdam)

America(North America, South America)

England(london, peckham, westbrom, portsmoth).



whenever i click on Nigeria, the pictures for the three different subcategories are suppose to show, but what is happening the same pictures come up when i click on Guyana, America, and England. Whenever i go to cms, click on static blocks, and then click on save. If the last link that i clicked on is England, the picture changes to all the subcategories of England, and if i click on Guyana, America, and Nigeria, they still hold on to the content of England.


I just need help on why this is happening, and what is the way forward, Thanks for the help, and if you do not understand my question, let me know, so i can rephrase my questions better, Thanks


Re: Problems with Subcategories



Your question is a little confusing. Is the site using subcategories or using static pages that are edited via the CMS? You have mentioned both in your post.


Subcategories (found under Catalog->Categories) can have images set on the general information tab and they will display at the top of the correct category or subcategory page.


If you can clarify what section of the admin that is being used to make these pages it would help.